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3 Overplayed Songs – That I love Anyway

The other day I came across Plinky.com. A site I’m sure a lot of you know, but was new to me. The concept is to ask you a question to help spark a creative writing topic. I experience “writers block” quite often, and my MATRIX teammates are always telling me that they would like to blog, but aren’t sure what to write about.  Plinky might work for you, or might not, but the concept is good.

The question I was asked was “Name three overplayed songs that you love anyway.”

So here are my current three choices:

1. OAR – Shattered

2. The Script – Breakeven

3. The All-Amercian Rejects – Gives You Hell

What are your choices for the most overplayed songs (but you love them anyway)?

If Plinky isn’t cutting it for you, here are a few more tips to help relax your writers cramp.