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“You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think this [POST] is about you.”

It’s a virus that is affecting and infecting numerous social media “gurus” in epidemic proportions.  Doctors would say they need to be quarantined; given a double-dose of humility, and once their symptoms subside, allowed back into the community. What’s the name of the virus? Celebrityitis.

I do tend to point fingers at the actual Hollywood celebrities. With their contagious battles for the most followers and vigorously promoting themselves all over the media.

Apparently this virus goes “viral,” through social media.

The symptoms of someone infected with Celebrityitis are:

1. Feverishly narcissistic about who they talk to at networking events. Only talking with those with equal or more followers than them.
2. Diarrhea of the mouth – about themselves, their speaking engagements, their moods, their blog hit count.
3. Hot and Cold spells about authentically connecting with “non-celebrities”.

If indeed you come across someone with the symptoms, protect yourself first. Take all necessary precautions to keep yourself well (and humble).

Let’s all remember that social media is best used when you’re “helping” others. Meaning, even if you’re trying to promote business, you’re really first trying to help them with a problem. More so, let’s remember that though some have been using social media for a few years now, it’s still relatively new. So, if someone is just starting out, help them.

And to the infected: if you have thousands of followers on Twitter/Facebook or numerous people subscribing to your blog, make sure you don’t have the above symptoms. If so, take a tablespoon full of humility. Let’s not forget that social media can tear you down as quickly as it “built you up.”

P.S. Here’s a little music to help during recovery.