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5 Wishes for Updated Tweetdeck Functionality

Back in May, Twitter.com purchased Tweetdeck, a popular Twitter desktop application. By far, it is my favorite application for Twitter. Though they are  constantly making improvements, I’ve compiled a list of “wants” that I would like to see incorporated. Some of the items on my wish list are simply just to make easier edits to my profile, while others I feel are important to the business that my organization is in.

Wish 1: Ability to update your profile/pic from Tweetdeck.

I hardly ever log on to Twitter.com except to update my profile pic/information. I should be able to easily do this right from Tweetdeck.

Wish 2: Ability to see followers/following from Tweetdeck.

In our business, seeing who’s connected to who is important. Currently, I have to go to Twitter.com if  I want to see who else a particular person is following.

Wish 3: Add sharing ability to Google+.

I can share information on  Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google Buzz (uh, what’s that!?), and FourSquare. I should be able to share within Google+ now.

Wish 4: Add functionality of sites like “Followerwonk.com” to Tweetdeck.

You can do basic searches within Tweetdeck. But one of my favorite sites to use to find professionals is Followerwonk.com. I train our Recruiters to use this site to find technology professionals in their area. It would be great if this type of searching was incorporated into Tweetdeck. Then you could run your search and easily add your new followers into a Twitter group.

Wish 5: Share information with only certain groups on Twitter, much like Google+ Circles.

This wish directly relates to wish four. Once I’ve created a group, let’s say “Java Developers,” and I’ve used the new searching feature within Tweetdeck, now I’d like to be able to share Java Development related materials specifically with those in that list. Not all my Tweets need to be separated, but since Twitter is already allowing you to separate your friends, shouldn’t you be able to share specific information with only that group? You could say that Google+ hit the nail on the head with their Circles feature.

Now, if I could just get my wish list in front of Jack Dorsey.