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UPDATE: The Power of Twitter for Customer Service.

Last month I told you how the doors that I bought from the HomeDepot leaked and caused my newly installed hardwood floors to buckle. I used Twitter to voice my frustrations with the situation and within two hours the HomeDepot responded to my tweet. They found my tweet by doing searches on social media.

Through numerous @tweets, direct messages, and a few phone calls, HomeDepot came through and are covering the damages in full. What’s even better, is that I was never “bumped” around from department to department as I am when I try to call other companies about issues.

Because of Twitter, they found me and began working towards making me a happy customer once again.

Below are what my floors looked like when they began buckling. They have gotten worse since this photo was taken, but soon this whole ordeal will be behind us! Thanks Stephanie @HomeDepot!

This was our floors soon after they started to buckle. They have since gotten worse.