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Elf on the Shelf Ideas (with photos)

Last year my mother-in-law gave us the Elf on the Shelf. It quickly became a holiday tradition and fun way for us to bring extra special “magic” to the holiday season. My son wakes up each morning wondering where “Shiny” is.

So, if your family has adopted the Elf on a Shelf tradition but find that you are running out ideas, here are a few that that we have done (and plan to do).

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on the Shelf - Playing Hide-N-Seek

Elf on the Shelf - Making Faces

Elf on the Shelf - Wrapping the toliet

Elf on the Shelf - Christmas Countdown

Elf on the Shelf - Germ Free

Elf on the Shelf - Ipad self portrait

Elf on the Shelf - teacher

Update: Elf on the Shelf Ideas (part 2) 

Here are a few other ideas that Blossom Bunkhouse suggests:

1. Marshmallow fight — marshmallows everywhere
2. Pillow fight — feathers everywhere
3. Nerf gun fight — darts everywhere
4. Laundry fight — clothes everywhere
5. Lipstick on mirror message
6. Crepe paper barricade on their bedroom door that they have to bust through
7. Rearrange story books in ABC order or in a pile of disarray
8. Clean closet or make mess of closet
9. Fill tub with bubbles till the point of explosion
10. Hang from shower nozzle with a towel on
11. Unroll toilet paper roll on the floor, around Christmas tree, etc.
12. Zip down a zip line through the house
13. Caught sneaking candy
14. Eat milk and cookies
15. Organize school clothes — mismatched haha
16. Write a message on the on the snow covered car window
17. Create a paper chain with a bit of a mess to show for it
18. Hang child’s unmentionables on the Christmas tree
19. Hang from chandelier or ceiling fan
20. Make faces on school pictures with a marker
21. Take a spin in toy car/remote control car
22. Play board game with stuffed animal friends or action figures
23. Tea party with stuffed animal friends
24. Read book, newspaper, e-reader, ipad, computer, etc
25. Listen to child’s ipod
26. Play child’s DS/itouch
27. Play video games
28. Draw picture
29. Color in coloring book
30. Dump toybox