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LinkedIn Status is NOT the same as Facebook

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a great way to connect with the business community. Also, it’s a great way to network when you are looking for a job. One way to continually keep your name in front of your connections is to update your LinkedIn status. However, all to often I see updates like “Going to a concert tonight,” or “Looking forward to the weekend.” Though it’s good to let people know that you are not just “all business,” is that really what you want your business connections to constantly see about you?


From his blog “Andy Robinson’s Career Success! Career Tip of the Day,” Andy gives 10 tips for updating your LinkedIn status with content that is professional and will show your connections that you are not just “looking forward to the weekend,” but a hardworking, expert in your field.

Here are a few of my favorite:

  1. Insert the title and a “shortened” URL link to one of your recent blog articles ( is a great resource for shortening URL’s) 
  2. A link a newsworthy web posting or news item (include the title and a shortened URL). Alignment with your brand “voice” or area of specialty makes it more powerful. I like to focus on POSITIVE news as opposed to negative news
  3. A brief piece of advice relevant to your brand or area of specialty.
  4. A link to an article in which YOU were quoted (I give the title of the article and a shortened URL link to the article). This is a powerful PR and branding activity.
  5. Recent results and key activities at work. Something like “Just landed three new Executive Career Coaching clients this week; excited about launching those engagements!”
To read the full list, check out Andy’s blog here.
Most of your connections on LinkedIn are probably on Facebook too. Why not connect with them in both places? Though, you might want to limit what they can see on your Facebook account. That way you can keep your “personal” updates on Facebook and update your LinkedIn status with meaningful business information.