About Adam Waid

Adam Waid is the Global Director Director of Customer Success at Pardot, a Salesforce Company. His team focuses on customer adoption, building scalable processes and programs, and delivering increased customer satisfaction and retention. Adam has a passion for ensuring Salesforce customers achieve the highest revenue possible using marketing automation.
Adam is extremely active in the Atlanta marketing community. He is the chairperson for the Marketing Automation group within the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AiMA); organizes quarterly marketing automation meet-ups, teaches Digital Marketing courses for the General Assembly, has written over 40 blogs/whitepapers, and speaks regularly and industry events.

2 responses to “About Adam Waid”

  1. Helen Kopp says :

    Hi Adam,
    I have a question about the blog you keep for Matrix. It looks awesome and I want to create one myself. Did you use wordpress or eblogger or something like that to create it? How much html coding was involved? I’m just curious what all is involved to create something similar. Thanks so much in advance.

  2. adamwaid says :

    Hi Helen-

    Thanks! That blog was created in Drupal. There was quiet a bit of “coding” that had to be done. I worked with our house drupal developers along with a few graphic designers to create it.

    Most of the social media features were add-ons that came from Drupal, but I had them designers modify the look to simulate our branding efforts.

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