Music is Life (Part 2)

In my last “Music is Life” post, I mentioned that there are days when music is the only thing that can describe your feelings. Whether it’s a bad day, good day, or somewhere in between, music talks to our soul.

For me, when I need a pick-me-up, I tend to put on a Christmas song. No snickering please. But, it takes my mind to  times where family is gathered, good food is consumed, and slowing down to reflect on the birth of Christ on that Oh Holy Night.

Anyhow, I do have other songs that I target my iPod towards when in need of something that only music can provide:

When I’m running.
When I’m driving. Windows down on a beautiful day.
When I’m thinking about my PaPaw.
When I think of High School memories. (parental advisory)
When I think of my beautiful boy.
When I’m reflecting on my life.
When I just need to jam.
When my good friend Rich comes to mind. (This is his band).
When I’m thinking of my beautiful wife.

So what are the songs that get you moving, get you emotional, or get your mind off your problems?

P.S. Thanks to @JamesGarvey for finding a “Thursday” song for my last post.


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7 responses to “Music is Life (Part 2)”

  1. Kelly Thielemann says :

    I love the song Hallelujah. Whenever I hear that song, I always smile listen to the entire song in complete awe. And I absolutely loved it in the movie Shrek :o)

  2. Melissa says :

    Adam – awesome blog as per usual! Music is one of my top 4 things to discuss, read about, etc. I will leave a longer comment tomorrow – was a long and busy day, right now, I wanna hear DeBusse’s Clair De Lune as I drift off into a DEEP sleep!

  3. Melissa says :

    This is going to be the longest comment ever, but I couldn’t resist:

    If I finish the half marathon, as I’m running the last quarter mile, I will be playing on my itunes!

    When I’m driving, windows down, you will likely find me listening to because nobody rocks like THE BOSS! His music *feels* like the pulse of our great country.

    When I think of my Pawpaw (I had one too! – and a Mawmaw) I think of this song it’s who he was, and is exactly what my summers at their house in Louisiana was like!

    When I think of High School, hard to pick just one, but I’ll have to go with

    When I think of my usually darling daughter, I think of (bring on the tissue!)

    When I think about my life this is the song What I hope other people think if they ever ponder my life

    When I need to jam, it’s probably something along the lines of I mean, come on – That’s ROCKIN’!

    When I think of your friend Rich and his band, I think of both Blink and Chorus of the Saints and love BOTH songs so much. Neat to hear them on the radio!!!

    And when I think of my husband (the one that hasn’t made his way to my doorstep yet) I think of this… 😉

    Happy Friday Adam!

  4. Tawny Anthony says :

    I won’t win the award for the longest blog post comment ever but i will say this…with out music i would be in a much worse place than i am today. It’s hard for me to get emotions out but when it comes down to it i can always find music that says what i am thinking or feeling. Whether it’s classical music to calm my nerves after a busy day, metal when i am angry, hip hop when i am happy, etc…there is always something that helps…so i completely agree with the statement “music is life” i have used that saying for years and will continue to use it for all the years of my life because i think life would be a lot more depressing with out music.

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