Resolutions: Believing & Achieving

I recently asked my long-time friend, Amanda Wyler, to be a guest author on my blog. Amanda’s creativity and drive to achieve her goals has always been an inspiration to me. So, when she told me she was going to write about New Year’s resolutions, I said “perfect!” Because, to me, there’s no one more qualified to talk about setting and achieving goals (both personal and professional) than Amanda. Read her personal blog, Amanda Lives Well, to see what I mean.

Hope You Enjoy!

With New Year’s Eve only a few short weeks away, I can’t help but look back and evaluate the past 11 months. This past year has been an amazing adventure of achieving my 2009 Resolutions. I’ve challenged and pushed myself toward things I once thought impossible. Sure, I’ve made mistakes and fallen (sometimes flat on my face) but I’ve learned to get up, dust myself off and try again. In doing that alone, I’ve learned so much – not only about the situations at-hand but also myself. I’ve discovered how I react to things and what it takes to really succeed: having a clear definition of goals, determining methods of motivation, learning perseverance and enjoying success.

I’m choosing to approach 2010 as a stepping stone; something to build on top of my personal and professional victories of the past year. My first step in doing this is creating a tangible list with answers to this simple question: how can I take my goals one step further? Thinking on a small scale keeps me from feeling overwhelmed. Slow and steady wins the race!

Naturally, once a goal of any size is created, it needs motivation and accountability to grow. Whether having accomplished a long list of goals or merely embarking on a goal-setting journey, self-reflection is incredibly important. Take some time to understand what makes you tick, what excites you and motivates you – and use it to your advantage! Believe anything is possible. If you believe, you will achieve. Additionally, voicing your goals to a trusted audience, blogging about your progress, and keeping a checklist of mini-goals are all great ways to stay accountable.

Furthermore, the old adage “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” may be overused, but it’s true. The part people fail to mention is, when “trying again”, rarely try the same method twice. It’s important to get creative and think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ideas until you get it right.

Finally, what an amazing feeling it is to look up one day after all the baby steps taken and realize you’ve reached your ultimate
destination: success! I believe there is a season for everything and after accomplishing a goal, there should be a season of celebration!

Life is all about cycles and, in order to constantly evolve into a better person, I anticipate each year will continue to bring new steps to take toward new goals. No matter the scale, never give up. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

German composer Robert Schumann once said, “To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist.” Twenty-something musician-turned-designer, Amanda Wyler believes her purpose in life is to do just that. Whether it’s through music, art, or design, she strives to encourage others and make this world a little brighter, one smile at a time. Amanda resides in Nashville, TN and is a freelance graphic designer with her company, Artistic Amanda Designs. She may be contacted through her website,


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