I’m Bringing Geeky Back.

So, I confess, I’m a geek.

I might try to hide it, but when talking about social media, new technology, and marketing trends, I get all nerdy and have been known to laugh & snort every now and then.

To my relief, a fellow geek, Craig Fisher, recently guest authored a post on the MATRIX Wall, and gave all of us  the liberty to “let [our] geek flag fly,” and embrace the cutting-edge technology of social media.

Take a look at Craig’s post: “The Geeks are the Cool Kids


About AdamWaid

Adam Waid is a revenue marketer. With over 10 years of industry experience Adam is a strategic thinker who has a passion for producing revenue-generating results through solutions-driven marketing. Director of Customer Success at Pardot a Salesforce Company, Adam is focused on customer adoption, building scalable processes and programs, and delivering increased customer satisfaction and retention. Adam has a passion for ensuring Salesforce customers achieve the highest revenue possible using marketing automation. Adam is extremely active in the Atlanta marketing community. He was named 2014 Atlanta Interactive Marketer of the Year by AIMA; chairs the Marketing Automation group within the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AiMA); organizes quarterly marketing automation meet-ups, teaches Digital Marketing courses, has written over 60 marketing blogs, 5 digital marketing eBooks, and speaks regularly at industry events.

2 responses to “I’m Bringing Geeky Back.”

  1. Sarah says :

    Hi Adam, Are your new glasses part of your movement to bring geeky back? 🙂

  2. adamwaid says :

    You bet! Watch out cause I might just break out my pocket protector.

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