Does Our Budget Make My Butt Look Big?

While sales for most businesses during our recession have been slowing, America’s plethora of convenient foods are profiting. Chips, Donuts, Fast Food restaurants, and other junk foods are all reporting a surge in sales during 2009.

I have even fell victim to the “Dollar Menunaire” ad campaigns once or twice (that’s all I will admit to). And though eating healthy is important to me and my family, buying those foods can be very expensive. In a recent article on, Bob Goldin, VP at the food industry research firm, Technomic, said

“value is what counts to consumers right now, and, unfortunately, in the minds of many consumers, a lot of these lower-priced options are just not as healthy, but they’re still buying them.”

While riding into work today, I heard four radio commercials about a “dollar menu” or two-for-two food prices. It’s tempting and extremely easy to whip my car into the one of those places and wolf down 24 grams of fat for only $2.

But, if you’re like me and are caught in a tension between budgeting but not wanting carrot sticks and water for most meals, you need to plan ahead and eat smart. posted some great tips using the acronym SMART BUDGET to remind us of ways to eat and shop smarter.

S – Seasonal Fruits, Veggies and Fish
M – Meatless Meals
A –  Ads and Coupons
R – Reuse and Recycle
T – Trim the Take Out Meals

B – Beans and Legumes
U – Underscore Calcium and Milk Foods
D – Divide Your Own Snacks
G – Grains and Breads
E – Eat Fruits and Veggies
T -Try Something New


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2 responses to “Does Our Budget Make My Butt Look Big?”

  1. Brandon Sutton says :

    I know exactly what you mean Adam. I’ve tried tackling this by going to the Farmers Market and buying in bulk. I can get plenty of great vegetables, fruits, meats, pastas, etc. for a reasonable price and cook delicious meals at home. I bring my lunch to work instead of going out to the food court or to a restaurant, which means I’m saving money AND eating better. After all, nothing beats a meal that you cooked yourself with fresh ingredients.

    Although the dollar menus can be tempting, you can still cook meals that are satisfying and much healthier for about the same amount once you figure everything in.

    Thanks for posting the tips!

  2. adamwaid says :


    Thanks for the comment. I’ve seen some photos of the meals you’ve prepared on FB. I think you should bring enough to share with everyone because they look great.

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