Setting Goals

Merriam-Webster defines Goal as “the end toward which effort is directed,” and a big heap of effort is what I put into training for my first triathlon this past weekend. Rain or shine I trained every day for two months. There were days that I didn’t’ feel good, was tired from the workday, or would have rather sat on my couch eating chips and drinking a Corona, but never-the-less, I got up and trained.

Goals can seem overwhelming at first. To me, a true goal pushes you out of your comfort zone and urges you forward with determination. On day one of my training back in August, I thought “I will never be able to swim this distance and not drown.” But as time went by and I continued pushing myself further. I noticed my confidence growing and my ability to swim without stopping. Then I even had the strength to run after I swam.

Each day I moved closer to my goal. On October 4, my training paid off. I was able to complete the tri with, I think, a competitive time. If you want to see my actual times click here.

Running past my son near the finish line.

Running past my son near the finish line.

Set a goal that challenges you. Maybe it even scares you at first because you think it can’t be completed. But give yourself adequate time and begin to move in that direction. You never know what you are capable of until you push yourself a little further.


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